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Yes, I have read and accepted your Most Important Clan Rules

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Real name :Luis

Ingame name :Loko

LvL :79

Class :Rogue

National Points :30000

How much NPs are you ready to donate for clan? :20000

Previous clan :TheSmurf

Reason for quiting your previous clan : it was all planned from the beginning look at the reason for applying

From :peruvian

Age :21

How much playing per day :10-12 hours

Can use ventrilo :Yes

Premium user :Yes

I want to join your guild I have friends there in addition to online and step 80 friend I hope your answer thanks for all

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2 Hey my dear mates! on Fri Jan 20, 2012 9:50 pm

No offense mate but as far i saw alot of the aplications for joining our clan,they all using that words,IT WHAS PLANED FROM START,how u all planed to join our family?,why you didnt join from start of clan beging,when clan whas low graded and needed much work?I got nothing against u just asking to give me the answer to my folowing questions ?Ofc our leader Grobs will decide about ur future in here wish you luck^^

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Yeah im not happy to see that most ppl using "template" and same answers,I wanna see your answers on those questions its not made for nothing.

Anyways pm me ingame if you want to talk more about joining to our clan.

For now its CONSIDERING.

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