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Application - IMPORTANT

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1 Application - IMPORTANT on Tue Nov 15, 2011 9:55 am


Hello everyone and welcome on our forums!

Before making application would be nice to read this text

First of all speaking english in clan chat is a "COMPULSION - MAIN RULE".
Second of our main rules is to be always on ventrilo (no matter,pking,xping,questing.)

When you come ONLINE ingame and you ask if there is some XP or something,and its full if you want to join this clan you must be sure that you are able to start your own XP,PK partys and not being cry baby,we dont need cry babys,we accept skillful and mature people.

Also we have party rule,if you are leader of some party and you have some randoms or even your friends,you must invite your clannie and replace them (only if he fits in party,if u do paramuns you dont need more then 1 mage,then its OK to have randoms even if there is few mages without party,applies for every class.)

All drops except those from Monster Stone goes to clan bank, but if you are willing to donate it for clan bank its more then welcome.
Clan bank items will be given to members by special system, that require from you to be active, and olso helpfull in pk, exp and farm!

Also we will be always there for each other and help with quests and any other problem, but if you played this game long enough you know that you must play it by yourself and not expect that others do it for you. I wont tolerate any fights in clan, you must respect you clan buddies and you will have their respect back for sure, you have to help each other aswel.
For members who dont follow these rules I wont have no other choice but to remove you.

Before you post your application, you MUST READ and ACCEPT our Most Important Clan Rules!

Thinks without your application wont be considered are :

*You must accept our main rules with the sentence*
Yes, I have read and accepted your Most Important Clan Rules.

Real name :

Ingame name :

LvL :

Class :

National Points :

How much NPs are you ready to donate for clan? :

Previous clan :

Reason for quiting your previous clan :

From :

Age :

How much playing per day :

Can use ventrilo :

Premium user :

Reason you making application :


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