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DemonS Application

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1DemonS Application Empty DemonS Application on Tue Nov 22, 2011 6:19 am

Real name :Vitor

Ingame name :DemonS
I play ko since myko played in server ares olympia and manes,i played in all classes aways in a high level,items/xp/competitivity i could stay here all day talking about my ko experiencie,here is some the characters i already played i aways loved to 1x1.
::DevilPriest:: lvl 62 priest was a top bp/player at the time beat pretty much all ares legends.
Fluppy was the most known bp at the time bought it coz ofc lvl 70 is better than 62 Razz and moved all my items there and got hacked -_- maybe coz i kill him too much,ps: still dont know who hacked me.
SoulSlayer was an sharer well know warrior of ares with godly items.
FastFingaz was an sharer same thing as soulslayer.

Demons warrior :i start at the begin of manes got lvl 70 really fast ws lider of the clan extacy ally with recognizethis clan that was owning csw at the time.
Demons BP:played on it for like an year was lvl 80 top lvl of competitivity.
Demons mage:mage lvl 80 got dragon with it for an while top lvl of competitivity.
Demons assassin:Rogue lvl 80 full dex got dragon with it for an while top lvl of competitivity played for like 2 years.

LvL :60 20%

Class :Assasin

Previous clan :Momentum

Reason for quiting your previous clan : You know why ;P

From : Brazil

Age :23

How much playing per day :8-10 hours Plus going to share with Lethalshock so make it 20 hours a day =D

Can use ventrilo :Yes

Premium user :yes

Reason you making application
I want a clan to have fun and make great partyes xp or pk ,also i saw most of players are playing hard to be at the top and i will be doing so too to get this rogue to the top

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2DemonS Application Empty Re: DemonS Application on Tue Nov 22, 2011 8:04 am

Now how much do you seriously play? cuz 6-7 hours / day and ur lvl 60, i dunno.... we left Momentum becuase it was way to casual, since everyone that joined GROBS wanted active people lvling fast.

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3DemonS Application Empty Re: DemonS Application on Tue Nov 22, 2011 3:05 pm

So i was not sure if i was going to play hardcore and i hadto travel but now i found a serious sharer and i have free time to play,so yes i will xp hardcore starting today.

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4DemonS Application Empty Re: DemonS Application on Thu Nov 24, 2011 3:17 pm



I gave you access to clan forums,before loading game read everything and post where its asked.

All new members will be on test first 10 days started from 24.november,if you start any fight with clannies,if you swear to clannies,if someone flame you and you return(in this case,just take SS and provide it to me,and he will be removed asap,no need to return with flames or swears) you will be removen from clan.We dont ask much,just to be human,mature and polite!

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