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Application :Kenshin001 orignially Logos reapers

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Hey grobs...what up biyatch!!! lol duno if u remember me its been years, i was in logos with you guys with toomuchvirtue and i was 4magi was a bp and well here i am. i was there when you hit lvl 80 on i think on titans? anyways saw u guys r here and figured hey why not.

Real name : Harley

Ingame name :Kenshin001

LvL :1

Class :Priest

National Points :0

How much NPs are you ready to donate for clan? :when i get some plenty

Previous clan :Vicarious C-west

Reason for quiting your previous clan :

From :new york

Age :24

How much playing per day :lots

Can use ventrilo :not at the moment

Premium user :soon as i get some spare cash

Reason you making application :to play with old clannies

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i belive u know how things work Wink since we re full atm i think we have room in TheReaperz

anyway glade to have old folks around

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hey bro , ic ur old friends of this clan so i cant really say lv low or something Very Happy

gl .

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is steven in the clan? he was always with the reapers...and as far as lvl i lvl pretty fast i was the first lvl 70 on c west before they did that exp boost thing

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PM me, and we will talk about it today, because GROBS will be away for 2 days.
Try to reach me on: Gintoki, ShizzleMyNizzle, GROBS
and ask for FrenKy...

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Hello my mate,im very glad to ss my GG clannie from a logos.

At the moment we are full,but you can still join our alliance clan TheReaperz and by time if i see that you came here to play serious after some slot in clan opens i will add you.

Cheers mate,pm me ingame so we can have some chit chat Razz

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