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Most Important Clan Rules!

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1 Most Important Clan Rules! on Mon Dec 26, 2011 5:13 pm


Before posting application for clan, you have to accept our Most Important Clan Rules.
You have to have in your mind that we have more rules, and you have to respect them all!

* First and most important, you have to act, and behave yourself Mature and Polite, and especially Legit!
* You should not be nationalist, racist, not tolerant!
* You should not be flamer!
* You should not start any fights!
* You must always respect your fellow clan members and especially the leader "GROBS"!
* We are not supposed to be enemies no matter what the case is, we are all supposed to be friends!
* Dont disrespect any clan member, (level difference, gear difference, skill difference) we are here to help each other!
* We are English Clan, and you have to speak and write English in clan.
(You are free to use any other language in privat messages to your friends, and in your privat party chats.)
* When you join to TheReapers and you have passed all of the tests, we expect you to be active in our online community.
- Forum - We communicate trought our forum and post everything important on it!
- Ventrilo - Before starting the game log on ventrilo. Ventrilo is most important part of our community! You must use it!
- In game - We expect from you to be active in game, we especially need only active members!
* You have to be ready to help your clan members, and your clan!
* You have to be ready to play for the clan and not only for your self!
* Do not join if you plan on staying in TheReapers for only a very small amount of time.
* Every new member will be put on the tests for 10 days!
(If you have joined and have not passed all of the tests within a 10 days then you will be kicked out)

"I GROBS, founder of TheReapers, promise to make this game more interesting and give you, my members, a purpose in playing Knight Online.
Battle in Knight Online! Dont fear to bleed for your mate! Remember this is not just a clan, we are a "family"!

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