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0r10n's Application

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1 0r10n's Application on Wed Nov 30, 2011 9:41 am

Real name : Jeff

Ingame name : 0r10n

LvL : 72

Class : Sin

Previous clan : Survivors

Reason for quiting your previous clan : Well, Saleen left and he is my real life friend. Inactivity, no leveling parties when I am up. Always end up leveling with you guys or randoms. Only PK I do is with Weezy.... Overall, they have really great members but not enough are active during my time.

From : Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Age :22

How much playing per day : 5-10 hours a day.

Can use ventrilo : Of course, I think it is necessary for success.

Premium user : Yep

Reason you making application : Kenpachi is awesome.... Saleen is a downside but I guess I have to live with that. The many guys I have exp'd with are awesome, fun, mature and just seem like an overall great clan that gets it done. Look forward to rocking the server with you guys!

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2 Re: 0r10n's Application on Wed Nov 30, 2011 9:44 am


ACCEPTED & Welcome!

I gave you access to clan forums,before loading game read everything and post where its asked.

All new members will be on test first 10 days started from 30.november,if you start any fight with clannies,if you swear to clannies,if someone flame you and you return(in this case,just take SS and provide it to me,and he will be removed asap,no need to return with flames or swears) you will be removen from clan.We dont ask much,just to be human,mature and polite!

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